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byrd(burgress) johnson military record civil war

may 27, 1862
mustered in service of north carolina capt william p.waltington's company-stonewall boys, 54th regt, co. f, north carolina intantry - state troops.
54th organized may 16, 1862.
john wimbish , colonel(vance co.)
james sheffield mcdowell, lt colonel(burke co)

june 28, 1862
sent to eastern north carolina neuse river, kinston, n.c. until 8/62

jun 30, 1862
promoted to corporal

July 24, 1862
moved to camp cambell, near kinston

aug 27, 1862
54th ordered to virginia by rail to petersburg

aug 29, 1862
54th left by rail to richmond, under command of major general gustavus w. smith

sept 28, 1862
settled in brook run, richmond, until early nov, 1862.
health of troops good, plenty of food

nov 6, 1862
54th and 57th assigned to brigade of general joseph r davis
a few days later assigned to army of northern virginian, under robert e. lee

nov 7, 1862
moved to culpepper courthouse. assigned to breg general evander law's brigade, maor general john hood's division, lt general james lohgstreet's corp

nov 15, 1862
army of potomac advance to fredricksburg under general ambrose burnside

nov 22, 1862
54th arrived at fredricksburg under general longstreet. stonewall jackson arrived nov29.

dec 11, 1862
battle of fredricksburg began, ending dec 16; 54th had 6 killed and 40 wonded.
great victory for south.
robbers steal knapsacks of 54th troops, 54th chaplain , john paris, appeal to carolinians for aid

jan 19, 1863
54th transferred to stonewall jackon's company

jan 25, 1863
54th ordered to port royal remaining until early mar

feb 24, 1863
fought severe skirmish at port royal

MAR 6, 1863
still under stonewall jackson, 54th returned to fredericksburg, across rappahannock river was army of the potomac, under major general fighting joe hooker. two armies eschanged newspaper, coffee, and tobacco in little boats across the river

april 27, 1863
union general hooker bean moving 134,000 troops toward chancellorsville, lee's army 60,000 troops

may1 ,1863
fighting began chancellorsville. hooker lost his nerve and retreated.

may2, 1863
lee dispatched jackson's troops of 26,000 men on one of history's most famous flank marches. sound victory but jackson is wounded by friendly fore of north carolina troops and died may 10

may 25, 1863
6 killed , 32 wounded, 79 missing of 54th at chancellorsville

june 4, 1863
march north begins that will end at gettysburg

june 13, 1863
fought at winchester, va . large numer of prisoners-4000- and supplies captured from major general robert milroy

june 18, 1863
54th net to staunton with 1984 prisoners, causing them to miss gettysburg

july4, 5, 1863
moved toward potomac to meet lee, 32 wagons and army returning from gettysburg

july 10, 1863
54th crossed potomac to hagerstown, skinishes broke out in hard rain through july 13. troops waded back across potomac to williamsport

july 15, 1863
moved to maritnsburg

july 16, 1863
moved to darkesville until july 20

july 23, 1863
moved to gerrardstown

july 23, 1863
moved to winchester, then middletown, then strasburg. violent thunderstorms stopped them, blowing many tents down according to chaplain paris.

july 29. 1863
arrived at madison courthouse

july 31, 1863
arrived at orange courthouse, very hot

aug 3, 1863
arrived at rapian station, remaining there for more than a month. much looting and low morale from loss at gettysburg

sept 1, 1863
promoted to segeant

sept 7, 1863
troops reviewed by general lee

sept 13, 1863
general meade began to move to rapida river and occupied culpepper courthouse. battle beings...54th has 2 killed , 20 wounded

oct 8, 1863
general lee sets army in motion to advance on washington. 54th surprised by orders

oct 9, 1863
arrive at orange courthouse and crossed rapidan river. moved to madison courthouse. heavy artillery received form general meade.

oct11, 1863
moved to culpepper and then crossed rappahannock river at warrenton springs. heavy artillery

oct 14, 1863
move to bristoe station. heavy fighting with loss of 1300 men. lee halted his pursuit.

oct 20, 1863
moved to brandy station at rappahannock river, began constructing cabins

nov 7, 1863
meade attacked at rappahannock station, kelly's ford. 54th hit by bayonet attack at rappahannock station.. 54th had 3 killed, 1 wounded, and 308 captured. byrd johnson missing in action-thought to be prisoner of war.

nov 11, 1863
confirmed to be prisoner of war. captured at rappahannock, va. confined at pont lookout, maryland

feb 24, 1865
paroled at point lookout, maryland and transferred to aiken's landing,va for exchange.

feb 27, 1865
prisoner exchanged

aprl, 1865
surrendered by general robert e. lee to general u.s.s grant.
byrd 's pow card signed by l.l. barton

may20, 1865
released at greensboro, nc. walked back home to stokesdale, nc. on way home , stopped at hoskin's house in summerfield for food and bath.

remained farmer until his death in 1926.

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